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Say hello to Olle Knutson, the Gothenburg-born film whiz with a funny bone. Olle brings an infectious energy, and an inventive, playful style to his work that is as irresistible as it is unique. His craft is imbued with a comedic edge, an ability to infuse his work with humour while maintaining the integrity of the narrative. A connoisseur of classic Swedish comedy, like Killing-gänget, an influence that gives his work a delightful nostalgic undertone. Olle possesses an unrivalled ability to bring even the wildest ideas to life, regardless of the constraints. From rooftop shoots with Bono to collaborations with Martin Garrix and Yung Lean, his track record is as diverse as it is impressive. 
The vibe he brings to a project is a testament to his personality and makes every moment on set an experience to cherish. Olle’s view of the world through his 16mm camera is nothing short of fun. Jump aboard the Olle express for a filmmaking ride filled with laughter, creativity, and that special Knutson touch.