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Enzo Paredes Diaz is a Swedish-Chilean director. Guided by his Chilean roots and growing up surrounded by snow and nothingness in the north of Sweden, has earned him experiences few bear. Fuelled by an urge to affect audiences with his nerve towards flow, rhythm and storytelling. Enzo has generated one simple truth: to create epic films. With a great sense of humor and wit, everyone likes being around Enzo on set.

To us Enzo embodies a new generation of directors, marinated in the craft of filmmaking from a young age and always curious for the unexplored. To this date, he has already gathered great experience on set and the virtues of making ideas happen. In collaborations with directors like Maceo Frost, Sheila Johansson and Daniel Eskils he has worked as a director’s assistant & second—unit director on projects for H&M, Lexus and Storytel to name a few. Enzo is now breaking into the field of directing and has already taken on work for brands such as IKEA, Telia and Stokke.

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